Reader matter:

How do i understand if my gf is simply “fun flirting” or if perhaps she doesn’t love me any longer?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Specialist’s Answer:

Hi Colin,

What a fascinating question. If we were having a two-way conversation, i might want to know for far more info. But because this is actually me personally practically creating you a letter, I will need to use my personal creativeness and cognoscente creativity. I’m assuming both you and this woman are special. (If you aren’t special, then chances are you don’t can stress about the degree of flirting this woman is performing.) OK, so if we have now established the both of you are unique plus sweetheart is actually hugging, keeping arms with, whispering to and giggling at every thing your 10 best one night stand apps guy buddies state, after that “Houston, we problematic.”

This is of flirting would be to “behave as though interested in or wanting to entice some one, but for enjoyment rather than with serious motives.” Even in the event the gf does not plan on really producing with or fast asleep with the men she flirts with, it is still upsetting to you personally – whatever the amount of flirting truly. It’s likely that, she doesn’t actually realize she is doing it. Therefore sit the girl down and inform her exactly how it does make you feel. If she listens and stops flirting with other guys, next she cares about you. If she continues her enjoyable flirty ways, this may be’s possible she’s perhaps not ready to relax.

Thank you for speaking out,